That’s kind of how I feel these days.  I came back to look for two recipes to make today (Kale Pesto and Golden Zucchini Muffins) and hadn’t quite realized it had been almost a year since the last update…

The new thing is Lyme Disease which has been a subliminal fear for a while and became all too real shortly before Thanksgiving last year.  I’m a slow processor.  I started treating it in early December, got really angry about it shortly before my birthday in April, and am now just taking a day at a time.  Some are good and productive (i.e.  today when I’m processing a bounty of vegetables while they’re in season) and some are not great at all.  I’m tired a lot.  A whole lot!  Some days I mostly sit and knit and some my hands hurt too much to knit, even.

I will beat this.  This is my blog, not a “Lyme blog” but Lyme is a new part of my reality and I’m sure it will come up from time to time.  I’ve got a wonderful doctor and great, supportive friends (way too many of whom are also dealing with Lyme either themselves or in their family) and I’ll make it.  I’m stubborn that way.  ;-)


Nothing gold can stay



Among the last of this summer’s sungold cherry tomatoes.  I will miss them!  :-(

First Day of School

Where did the summer go?


L (or W, as he’s now going by the long version of his name 99% of the time) is starting third grade and C is starting sixth grade, her last year of elementary school.  There was much discussion of outfits and footwear choices and, as ususal for New Hampshire, everything needed to be covered by an outer layer at the bus stop in the morning anyway:

What I did today

My CSA had a bunch of tomatoes available to take for canning.  :-)

I do!

I’ve been trying to work my way through my projects on needles and get them finished as part of reining in my stash.  My goal for the year is to have more yardage out (via knitting or destashing) than in.  I’m currently at positive 1,000 yards thanks to my utter lack of restraint at my LYS’s summer tent sale.  ;-)

This, however, nudged me a little bit back in the right direction:


A simple seed stitch scarf made from two hanks of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande in periwinkle.

Nutty :-)

I have a feeling that nuts are going to be a lifesaver in this whole no sugar, no gluten way of eating.  They’re satisfying and, even this early on, I’m starting to be able to appreciate their very subtle earthy sweetness again now that I’m not eating straight sugar.

A tray of Brazil nuts sprouted for 24 hours and ready to be dried.  Yum!

Today’s food log:

Breakfast:  bacon, yogurt with banana and cinnamon, coffee with milk and stevia
Lunch:  hummus with red sweet pepper (3/4 of a large pepper) and carrot sticks (~1 cup)
Snack:  3 prunes, coffee with milk and stevia, carrots, red pepper, and cauliflower with more hummus
Snack:  GF multi-grain crackers with cheddar
Supper:  roast chicken and baked potato

I was veggied out after the raw veggie lunch and snack, so I skipped the cooked vegetable at supper today.  I spent six hours today with the scouts selling Girl Scout cookies at our favorite cookie booth location.  It’s covered (thankfully because it poured this morning) but is otherwise open to the elements, so it was a long, cold day and I’m feeling it.  Off to bed early with me tonight!

Maple sugaring season is here again.  I love to see the syrup buckets hanging all along the roads, especially after it snows and they’re all capped with white.

And more literally on the brain:  I’ve had a massive headache all day, probably from sugar and/or gluten withdrawal. Ugh — I hope it’s over soon since I’ll have the girl scouts at a cookie booth sale for much of the day tomorrow.

Today’s food log:

Breakfast:  three eggs scrambled with 2 cups spinach (wilted down) and feta, 1 cup coffee with milk and splenda
Snack:  a few (5?) raw brazil nuts and 4 prunes
Lunch:  salmon with pesto and mashed sweet and white potato w/ onions and sage
Snack:  a small handful of dried cherries
Supper:  smoothie with 2 bananas, a cup of blueberries, milk, yogurt and probiotics
Snack:  Salad with spinach, romaine, grape tomatoes, carrots, avocado, and walnuts